Saturday, January 14, 2023

New York Voted for a Gay Jew

George Santos said that he was a gay Jew to get elected a Congressman from New York.

Okay, he lied. About this and a few other things. He even lied more than the typical politician.

But why does he have to say that he is a gay Jew to be elected? That is the real question here. Do New Yorkers only elect gay Jews? How is anyone else supposed to have a chance?

If he has to say that he is a gay Jew to have a chance, then we should expect gay Jew impostors. We should be happy to get a Congressman who is not really a gay Jew.

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CFT said...

If you are going to give the gold to 'they who has the most checked boxes', don't be surprised when faking checked boxes becomes the new carpet bagger identifier.

I self identify ALL box checkers as:

A.) pathetic,

or as B.) mentally ill.

People used to use sob stories as a 'get out jail card' for crimes or bad behavior.
Now they use it to pad their resumes.