Sunday, November 08, 2020

Left continues complaints about White Patriarchy

The NY Times is celebrating the defeat of Donald Trump, after publishing about ten anti-Trump articles a day for the last five years. This has all been very good for its business, as the NY Times has more subscribers and revenue than ever before. The Trump administration saved the NY Times from the financial disaster than many newspapers face.

But that is not enough for the authoritarians at the NY Times. They continue to upset at anyone who does not go along with their anti-straight-White-Christian-male identity politics. Its gay Black columnist Charles M. Blow writes in the NY Times:

A larger percentage of every racial minority voted for Trump this year than in 2016. Among Blacks and Hispanics, this percentage grew among both men and women, although men were more likely to vote for Trump than women. ...

Black men on the other hand have been inching away from the Democrats in recent elections, and continued that drift in this election. In 2008, 5 percent of Black men voted for John McCain; in 2012, 11 percent voted for Mitt Romney; in 2016, 13 percent voted for Trump; and, this year 18 percent voted for Trump.

This one pushed me back on my heels: the percentage of L.G.B.T. people voting for Trump doubled from 2016, moving from 14 percent to 28 percent. In Georgia the number was 33 percent. ...

All of this to me points to the power of the white patriarchy and the coattail it has of those who depend on it or aspire to it. It reaches across gender and sexual orientation and even race. Trump’s brash, privileged chest trumping and alpha-male dismissiveness and in-your-face rudeness are aspirational to some men and appealing to some women. Some people who have historically been oppressed will stand with the oppressors, and will aspire to power by proximity.

Note that he does not claim that Trump or anyone else is oppressing these groups. He has to use euphemisms like "patriarchy" and "historically been oppressed". He refuses to accept that women, gays, Blacks, and others decide for themselves, and conclude that Trump was a good President.

It is clear that the war against Americanism is going to accelerate under Biden.

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