Saturday, October 20, 2018

Defining white nationalism

Wonder what white nationalism is? Here is a defense of it:
White Nationalists believe that the current social and political system has put our race on the road to biological extinction. If present trends are not reversed, Whites will disappear as a distinct race. ...

Blacks, Arabs, and South Asians in Europe do not see Frenchmen, Englishmen, and Germans. They simply see White men. And we simply see non-Whites. Our differences do not matter to them, and their differences do not matter to us. As racial tensions increase in Europe, our people will realize that they are not being attacked as Frenchmen or Germans, but simply as White men. And when Europeans resist ethnic displacement, they will increasingly regard their race as their nation and their skin as their uniform. The sooner we see ourselves as White people, united by common enemies and challenges, sharing a common origin and a common destiny, the sooner we will be equal to the tasks facing us.
White nationalism will never catch on from whites listening to white nationalists. It will only catch on by whites realizing that they are increasingly attacked by non-whites for being white.

As hostilities increase between whites and non-whites, I expect Jews to decide to either align with the whites or the non-whites.

Now that Elizabeth Warren is celebrating that she is 99.9% white, and possibly 0.1% Mexican, white nationalists are looking at genetic info, as the NY Times reports:
One slide Dr. Novembre has folded into his recent talks depicts a group of white nationalists chugging milk at a 2017 gathering to draw attention to a genetic trait known to be more common in white people than others — the ability to digest lactose as adults. It also shows a social media post from an account called “Enter The Milk Zone” with a map lifted from a scientific journal article on the trait’s evolutionary history.

In most of the world, the article explains, the gene that allows for the digestion of lactose switches off after childhood. But with the arrival of the first cattle herders in Europe some 5,000 years ago, a chance mutation that left it turned on provided enough of a nutritional leg up that nearly all of those who survived eventually carried it. ...

Genetic ancestry tests advertise “ethnicity estimates” (Senator Elizabeth Warren appealed to the perceived authority of DNA this week to demonstrate her Native American heritage, in response to mocking by President Trump), and some disease-risk genes have turned out to be more common among certain genetic ancestry groups. ...

“Science is on our side,” crowed Jared Taylor, the founder of the white nationalist group American Renaissance, in a recent video that cites Dr. Reich’s book. ...

Many geneticists at the top of their field say they do not have the ability to communicate to a general audience on such a complicated and fraught topic. Some suggest journalists might take up the task. Several declined to speak on the record for this article.
It is funny that the geneticists do not want to talk about this issue. The DNA tests allow ancestry to be quantified, along with physical, medical, and behavioral traits.
As a step toward changing that, Dr. Di Rienzo has helped organize a meeting of social scientists, geneticists and journalists at Harvard next week to discuss the social implications of the field’s newest tools.

Participants have been promised that the meeting will be restricted to some three-dozen invitees and that any remarks made there will be confidential.

And David L. Nelson, a Baylor College of Medicine geneticist who is president of the human genetics society, says it will not stay completely quiet on the issue, promising a statement later this week.

“There is no genetic evidence to support any racist ideology,” he said.
If there were never no evidence, then they would not be holding secret meetings.

Of course there is DNA evidence to support racist ideologies. Elizabeth Warren is just the latest example.

Warren has done us all a great service, by exposing leftist nonsense about human biodiversity. The NewYorker mag writes:
It is important to understand that, contrary to the impression created by television and online advertising, a DNA test can never provide definitive information about one’s heritage. ...

Warren, meanwhile, has allowed herself to be dragged into a conversation based on an outdated, harmful concept of racial blood—one that promotes the pernicious idea of biological differences among people — and she has pulled her supporters right along with her.
These are total lies, of course. DNA tests are very good at providing definitive info about heritage and ancestry. And they certainly confirm biological differences among people.

I don't know how leftist can deny, with a straight face, that there are biological differences among people. The differences are obvious to small children, noticed by educated observers for millennia, and quantitatively confirmed by modern DNA science.

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