Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Some election thoughts

Nearly all of the mainstream pundits said that (1) Trump does not know what he is doing, and (2) he cannot possibly win. They were all proved wrong.

The mainstream polls were also badly wrong. An AP poll a couple of weeks ago put Clinton ahead by 14 points! That difference cannot be explained by statistical error or ppl changing their minds.

Some pundits and pollsters got it right, and explained why the others were wrong.

Trump's win is an overwhelming mandate for the American ppl.

No one will win the popular vote, as no one got over 50% of it. If the election were based on a plurality of the popular vote, as some ppl urge, there might be fights for weeks.

I am believing more and more in the metaphor of The Matrix, where the authorities are constantly lying to us about how the world works. How else can you explain every authority figure being so out of touch?

Trump needs the Alt Right more than ever, as he will need popular support for his policies. Especially if he goes against entrenched business interests.

A great many supposedly-smart ppl seemed to not understand Trump support at all. How did they ever graduate from college if they are so stupid?

I read many essays, both for and against Trump. The pro-Trump essays were at a much higher intellectual level. The anti-Trump essays consisted mostly of name-calling and incoherent rambling. It was very difficult to find any pro-Clinton essay that made any sense.

I have come to the conclusion that most of the Trump haters, on the Right and the Left, suffer from a mental illness. There is no reasoning with them.

Of course the Left is scared to death that Trump will roll back their agenda. But they rarely admitted it.

We now have a redefined Republican party. Its backbone is the Alt Right, and not Reaganism anymore.

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