Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Roissy goes MGTOW

The blog that was previous run by a mysterious man under the name Roissy, and later with even more mysterious authors under the names Citizen Renegade and Chateau Heartiste, has now endorsed MGTOW:
Disengaging from Facebook is a specific instance of a wider disengagement from America, which every truth-loving dissident should be doing now. Disengage from your country which has abandoned you, except to do those things that are necessary to maintain poolside time and then only with the barest minimum of interaction required by the system. I suggest everyone do this, because America is lost and she ain’t ever gonna be found again. Not in the incarnation of her glorious past. Say your final goodbyes to America as she was, and NEXT her. You’ll discover that this break-up is very liberating. You’ll have the freedom to game a new America who truly loves you and pledges her loyalty to you.
MGTOW means men going their own way. The blog endorsed Donald Trump several months ago.

The blog is probably the best of the red pill blogs. It has a coherent view of the world that is strikingly different from what you find in respectable sources. I do not know who is behind it, and it is so politically incorrect that the authors probably have to stay anonymous. Whoever they are, it has brilliant insights. The material could fill a couple of books, and be better than any similar book on the market.

There are lots of more offensive blogs. For example, I recently discovered Daily Stormer, and it has a lot of offensive political content. Chateau Heartiste is not like that at all. CH is more about explaining male-female differences, and how it is human nature to prefer beauty over ugliness. And it is all from a man's point of view. I think that the NY Times is more offensive, myself.

Update: See the video The Case for Patriarchy for a partial explanation of why more and more men are disengaging from society.

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