Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rights, emojis, drugs, dating market

Leftist-atheist-evolutionist (and now retired professor) Jerry Coyne writes in one of his anti-religion diatribes:
In general I don’t like discussions of “rights,” as their assertion is often a way to shut down discussion. Let’s instead talk of consequences: the consequences for society’s well being ...
This sums up a strand of leftist SJW thinking. Sacrifice rights for supposedly better social consequences.

Apple phone now force this:
Apple investigated by Russia for 'homosexual propaganda' over its emojis featuring same-sex couples
Here are the gay emojis. Heteros just get the middle finger.

I posted a defense of logicism against attacks from anti-truth leftist philosophers.

Here is the latest psychiatric drug:
By the time Feifel began hearing about ketamine, he had become frustrated with existing depression drugs. Too often, he says, they just weren't helping his patients.

A major study on antidepressant medication published in 2008 seemed to confirm his suspicions. It found that current antidepressants really aren't much better than a placebo.
Funny how each new drug comes with and admission that all the others don't work.

I looked for Media Matters to comment on the revelation that it was founded and funded by Bill and Hillary Clinton, but instead I found it babbling about Martian climate change. It is funny how the
Martian water announcement was timed to promote a Hollywood movie. This was planned two months ago, but too late to work Martian water into the plot. The whole purpose is to convince people that climate change wiped out life on Mars, so we better not let it happen on Earth. And to increase funding for NASA.

A new book says:
There simply aren't enough college-educated men to go around. For every four college-educated women in my generation, there are three college-educated men. The result? What Birger calls a "musical chairs" of the heart: As the men pair off with partners, unpartnered straight women are left with fewer and fewer options—and millions of them are eventually left with no options at all.
The book is Date-onomics: How Dating Became a Lopsided Numbers Game, by Jon Birger, and his blog has reviews.

I do not doubt his facts, or even his advice, but I am sure he is only telling part of the story.

For one thing, while more girls attend and finish college than boys, they are not more educated. The girls concentrate in worthless subjects that give them warped views of the world.

For another, there has been a long list of legal and social changes that have combined to kill the nuclear family, as documented in this book. Many of this changes serve leftist and feminist goals, and make is very much more difficult for a woman to have a traditional family.

It is not true that there is an excess of available women anywhere. The online dating sites all have more men than women. The book says that some areas are better than others for women, but they can advertise in those better areas, if they want. Very few do.

The first comment after one review says:
How about "you wrecked marriage by making it too dangerous for men to marry?"
Roosh V
One of the reasons that Poland is on the decline is because young Polish women are buying into Western pro-sterility ideas, choosing to spend the bulk of their good years searching for stable office work and reality show excitement instead of trying to secure a good man to start a family with. This fact is confirmed by the increased percentage of girls I’m meeting who are on birth control even though they are not in a serious relationship. The current social justice Pope has so far not objected to their newfound lifestyle.
Birger gives this example:
She was in her late 30s, he was in his mid 40s. She really wants to have kids, get married, the whole [thing]. And she's amazing in every way."
That may all be true, but it is unlikely that family was a priority for her when she was in her 20s or even early 30s. She may be amazing, but a large portion of such women have serious negatives, such as obesity, mental illness, or attitudes unsuited for marriage.

As a recent example of legal anti-male family law nuttiness, the Kansas courts have denied parental rights to a sperm donor who wanted to be a dad. But when one did not want to be a dad, he was ordered to pay child support.

Wonder why the Germans are accepting so many Moslem migrants? The people have been intimidated:
Germans who make racist anti-migrant posts could have their children snatched by the state and be fired from their jobs, according to the German Lawyers’ Association.

In an article entitled Racism and parenting: Threatening loss of custody?, lawyer Eva Becker, Chair of the Working Group on Family Law in the German Bar Association, outlines the conditions under which “xenophobic” Facebook posts could lead to parents being targeted.
The NY Times blames Austrian resistance on insufficient ne-Nazifiction:
The Freedom Party’s strident anti-Islam message seems to have struck a chord in a city whose palaces speak of the bygone glory of a multiethnic European empire, and whose public spaces now attest to increasing diversity and a Muslim population of some 12 percent.

“We don’t want an Islamization of Europe,” the party leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, told Austria’s public broadcaster as he began his campaign to be Vienna’s mayor. “We don’t want our Christian-Western culture to perish.”

In Germany, such sentiments exist on the fringe of politics. In Austria, which never underwent denazification programs after 1945, the Freedom Party has morphed from its roots in groups of former Nazis to a xenophobic message that it blends with concern for the little guy.
There are some similarities between the current migrant influx into Europe and the barbarian invasions that helped bring down the Roman Empire.

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