Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trayvon bought watermeleon juice

I followed the Shooting of Trayvon Martin pretty closely, but I always thought that Martin was out buying Skittles and iced tea. But I just learned that he actually bought watermeleon juice, not iced tea.

Okay, it is not the most important fact in this case. The case was important because President Barack Obama, MSNBC TV, and the American black community have chosen to popularize it as the most egregious example of black persecution in the nation today. There is nothing wrong with buying watermeleon juice, but there is something wrong with our leaders systematically lying to us for the purpose of provoking racial animosity.

The whole prosecution was based on the outrageous claims that George Zimmerman made an incorrect assumption, and that Mertin died thru no fault of his own. There was no testimony that any assumption was false, and a lot of testimony that Martin was viciously and criminally beating Zimmerman. Obama and the others chose a lousy poster boy for their racist cause.

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