Monday, May 27, 2013

Professors required to be politically correct

Libertarian law professor Ilya Somin brags about how he has the virtue of holding unpopular views. His examples are some typical libertarian views on drugs and nudity, plus arguing that he is in favor of open immigration out of strong opposition to white and/or American nationalism.

It is true that most Americans are against open immigration, but among Jewish atheist immigrant libertarian law professors like Somin, these are among the most cowardly and conformist views that he could possibly take. As VP Joe Biden just explained, Jews have been leaders in promoting immigration of various religions, races, ethnicities, and nationalities to the USA. (Of course they just want Jews immigrating into Israel, but that's another matter.)

No one is protesting Somin's lectures. If he were to take the reverse position, and argue that the USA should cut back on immigration in order to protect its national identity, then he would face the disapproval of his leftist colleagues, and accusations that he is a bigot. I will know that he has the guts to articulate unpopular views when his lectures are protested.

Chicago biology professor Jerry Coyne complains about another professor whose Christian beliefs have apparently influenced his science teaching. There is a campaign to get the Christian fired. Apparently Christianity is an unpopular view in today's university.

If we are going to have immigration reform, then we should have an open and honest debate on the alternatives and consequences. On one side, we have people like Somin who are determined to destroy the American nationality, and to deny that America has any right to adopt policies that are good for Americans. Unfortunately liberalism does not extend to the other side being heard.

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