Thursday, July 26, 2012

Blaming math teachers

From today's newspaper advice:
Dear Annie: ... My son is a university student. His major requires that he take several math classes. In every class, the professor is his worst teacher ... As a result, he does poorly.

... What is it about college math professors that makes them unfeeling, unhelpful and uncaring? Why can't universities get them to treat their students better and be more helpful? — Cape Coral, Fla.
I have met many people who admit to doing poorly in mathematics, and blame it all on the personality of teacher they had once. They only seem to have this attitude about math, and not other subjects.

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Anonymous said...

It's because math teachers treat students horribly in general, don't you think. That's why there's such a concensus amongst students. The problem isn't math or the students, it's the teachers.