Friday, February 03, 2012

Why Americans reject evolution

Leftist-evolutionist-atheist writes:
the gist of Sewell’s article is that evolutionists themselves are to blame for America’s rejection of evolution.

That’s palpable nonsense. Every statistic shows that evolution-denial is born of religion. Religious people accept evolution far less than do secularists, and Biblical literalists far less than those who see the Bible as divinely inspired but not literally true. Church attendance is strongly and negatively correlated with acceptance of evolution. Countries that are less religious accept evolution far more readily. And, of course, creationism has repeatedly been thrown out of America’s public schools by the courts because creationism is a belief based on religion, not fact.
I do think that evolutionists are to blame. As Sewell explains:
Evolution began as a neat explanation of variation within species and a plausible hypothesis for the origin of species. But today it is held out as a sufficient explanation of the origin of all life, a general explanatory theory of the development of everything – including culture – a grand narrative to end all grand narratives. Evolution is presented by Daniel Dennett as a “universal acid” that dissolves all ethical and moral systems, and by Richard Dawkins as a compelling argument against the existence of God and a slam-dunk case for abandoning any search for meaning, purpose or direction in human affairs.

Does anyone seriously expect the American public to buy into all that?
He is right. The American public does not reject science. It rejects the nihilistic philosophy that evolutionists try to force on us in the name of science.

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Anonymous said...

You are right on the fact that Evolutionists in the US and the UK are pretty aggressive. In countries where they are less aggressive and more scientific (Most of continental Europe), evolution is far more accepted.
A good question is : why do evolutionists in the US become so aggressive ?