Monday, February 08, 2010

Guys who love grilled cheese

A burger chain is pushing an option for guys who love grilled cheese, but don't want to order from the kiddie menu:
“The origin of the new Grilled Cheese Bacon Burgers is actually kind of a funny story,” according to Brad Haley, executive VP of marketing at CKE Restaurants (parent company). “We were initially working on menu items we could offer for our vegetarian customers and made a really good grilled cheese sandwich. But, being Carl’s Jr., a chain known for its decadent burgers, someone suggested that we try it with a charbroiled burger patty and bacon for our carnivorous customers and the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burgers were born… It really delivers on the idea of a grilled cheese sandwich combined with a bacon cheeseburger… And we’ll still make a really good grilled cheese sandwich for our vegetarian customers if they want one.”
Sounds delicious!

Meanwhile, the federal food police will soon be bribing your local school:
A Federal Effort to Push Junk Food Out of Schools
WASHINGTON — The Obama administration will begin a drive this week to expel Pepsi, French fries and Snickers bars from the nation’s schools in hopes of reducing the number of children who get fat during their school years.

In legislation, soon to be introduced, candy and sugary beverages would be banned and many schools would be required to offer more nutritious fare.
It appears to me that these folks do not even know what the word nutritious means. The most nutritious foods are also the most fattening foods.
But Denise Snow, the school cafeteria manager, said that children can be taught to eat better. “When we went to whole-wheat pizza, the kids fussed for a while and we lost some of them,” Ms. Snow said. “But now they don’t say a thing, and pretty much everyone is back to eating them.”
I would like to see the scientific evidence that eating whole wheat pizza instead of regular pizza has ever made anyone healthier. I think that Ms. Snow is annoying the kids for nothing.

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