Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fat women are less successful

A Scotland paper reports:
Being fat is fine for men in the business world, but it might just weigh down women's prospects for promotion, research suggested yesterday. ...

Researcher Mark Roehling, an associate professor of human resource management at Michigan State University, said that the attitudes appeared to contribute to the glass ceiling.

"The results suggest that while being obese limits the career opportunities of both women and men, being 'merely overweight' harms only female executives – and may actually benefit male executives."

The results echo previous research showing that among white, middle-class communities, women faced "harsher weight standards" than men, Prof Roehling said.
No, it doesn't show that at all. Maybe thin men are treated just as harshly as fat women.

Income in the USA is correlated with weight. Rich folks tend to be fat men and thin women. Poor folks tend to be thin men and fat women. There are a lot of explanations that have nothing to do with a glass ceiling.

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