Sunday, January 27, 2008

Prominent psychiatrist ordered to seek help

Psychiatrists commonly prescribe drugs to treat various anti-social behaviors, and downplay the adverse consequences. So what happens when a shrink deviates from the party line on drug treatments? She gets orders to see a shrink herself, in order to coerce her into adopting conforming opinions! From a major Australian newspaper:
Prominent psychiatrist ordered to seek help
Louise Hall Health Reporter
January 27, 2008

A PSYCHIATRIST known as a "hired gun" in court cases has been ordered into treatment by medical authorities after being accused of a dubious diagnosis.

Yolande Lucire has been reprimanded by the NSW Medical Board after its professional standards committee disagreed with a diagnosis she made in a medico-legal case and questioned her professionalism.

The eastern suburbs forensic psychiatrist is well-known in legal circles and her testimony in a criminal trial last year sparked a NSW judge to slam doctors for creating a generation of "Ritalin kids", who were now committing violent crimes.

Dr Lucire said she could not defend herself because of a non-disclosure order, but said the matter "did not relate to patient care". She can continue to practise. ...

The medical board took issue with her diagnosis of residual organic hallucinosis in a patient and she was ordered to see a board-approved senior psychiatrist "for the purpose of seeking and taking advice with a view to improving some aspects of her practice of medicine".
If the shrinks could have their way, anyone with an unorthodox view would be ordered into psychotherapy to be reeducated. And being unorthodox is only measured by the wacky standards of the shrinks, not society at large.

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