Saturday, November 24, 2007

Deadbeat dad avoids felony conviction

Michigan news:
A jury found a 36-year-old Eastpointe man not guilty of felony child support for late payments following a 2-day-trial in Macomb County Circuit Court.

Corey Flener wiped away tears after the jury delivered the verdict Thursday afternoon and said he felt relieved to have the burden of a potential felony conviction lifted. If convicted, he would have faced a sentence of up to four years in prison and a fine levied by Judge Tracey Yokich. ...

Flener still owes $60,000 but claims he was behind $45,000 in 2000 before he realized he owed any money because he was unaware his now ex-wife, Tammy, filed for divorce. The amount has climbed also because of accumulating interest.
These prosecutions are outrageous. It does no good to throw a man in jail, just because he cannot pay the interest on some dubious old debt to his ex-wife.


Anonymous said...

The Outrage here is that he is truly a Deadbeat Dad that just lies and manipulates the system to get away with not paying his Child Support!! He knew he was divorced he lived 10 minutes away from court with his pregnant girlfriend and showed up for some of the hearings! His then attorney was Mr. D. Garron. Then decided he didn't want to have anything to do with the court or his children. He already had someone new, and she was pregnant. His arrears reached $40,000 mid 2002 because he refused to pay child support at all. Mr. Flener works commercial and residential building construction work from finish to rough carpentry to electrical and plumbing etc., but hasn't filed taxes since 1995! Nearly 30+ Show Causes against him, and atleast 6+ Warrants issued for not paying. Upstanding citizen, poor Mr. Flener! In the last 13 months Mr. Flener has paid 0 during 8 MISSED MONTHS of paying child support, 3 months with partial payments, and only 2 months of regular payments. Currently he has not paid regular support since February 2008 and is spending 4 weekends in the county jail. This is the first time since 1999 when the divorce was filed that Mr.Flener has been put in jail at all! As to interest on his NON-Dubious debt, it was 4% until 2003. Since then there has been no interest charged on the account! Just another lie. He was well aware he was divorced he just was a FTA because he didn't want to deal with it. Besides he only had 6 months until his new baby was born. It had been the courts long standing belief that if he was put in jail for failing to pay, he couldn't work to pay.... However he has been FREE and WORKING all these years and months, not filing taxes, and STILL DOESN'T PAY!? So again POOR MR.FLENER! Correct me if I'M WRONG: Isn't this suppose to be about THE CHILDREN and their needs??? Let mom support the children alone while dad goes on with his life and has 2 more children and neglects the needs of his first? He lies to reporters and says he has more biological children than he does. That he has to hire subcontractors to do his work and so on... In addition Doesn't file or pay taxes. The amount of child support has only climbed because he doesn't pay it. Does the word IRRESPONSIBLE come to mind?? Or do you have some others?

Roger said...

If he is not paying what he owes, then they can seize his bank account or attach his wages. That is what IRS does. Maybe he is irresponsible, but he is not a criminal.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, Throwing him in jail would do what for the child?

Also throwing him in the jail would help pay that child support how? Would that suddenly change the fact that he owes that much, or hey even after he got out of jail with a FELONY, how would this man get a job to even pay it back.

Yea you can say dead beat dad and you can hate him, but really you yourself must ask yourself. Does ruining his life, his future, and the childs future with that person really waht you want?

Anonymous said...

this is not a deadbeat dad I know this man personally it is a lying mom trust me the mom was abusive to her kids. she lied and lied and never stopped nobody knows the full story, yes this man owed that money but all the money he owed went into those kids and into his five other kids and the rest of his family. Oh and I bet none of these people reading this know that this "deadbeat dad" has full custody of his kids and they love it at his house and they hate their mom because they know the truth behind the whole story.