Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad mom sues rink for neglecting her delinquent son

Here is a silly lawsuit:
Van Dusen is the mother of the notorious 10-year-old involved in the Amherst Pepsi Center dispute. Charles Schmidl and his 5-year-old son were at the center for a mid-April skate when, he said, the 10-year-old taunted him, shot hockey pucks at him and his son and dared him to do something about it.

Schmidl, a 38-year-old autoworker, said he searched for 40 minutes in vain for staff, security or the boy's parents before taking matters into his own hands. He dragged the obnoxious kid off the ice, at which point Charlene Van Dusen appeared and had him arrested.

Amherst cops say witness accounts largely confirm Schmidl's story. They also say the 10-year-old has a history of trouble at the rink and that his family is "familiar" to Amherst police, and not for the right reasons. ...

The plot thickened Friday, with the news that Van Dusen -- mother of the wayward kid -- intends to sue the Town of Amherst and its Recreation Department. She claims that the lack of supervision at the rink resulted in "physical injuries and emotional trauma" to her son.

Essentially, Van Dusen is suing the town for not doing her job.
Too bad no one is allowed to drag the mom out of town.

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