Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gates on importing cheap labor

NetworkWorld magazine caught Bill Gates lying about H-1B visas for imported labor, quoting Robert Oak and Ron Hira:
As Gates said, these are highly paid, highly qualified individuals. Salaries for these jobs at Microsoft start at about $100,000 a year. ...

Unfortunately for Bill Gates, when a corporation sponsors a green card, they must publish the actual salary along with the application.

The median salary for all was $71k, well below the $100k that Bill Gates touted in his claim of a great shortage of "talent" in America (read cheap, controllable and young).
Regardless of what the actual salary is, Microsoft hires foreigners to save money and avoid paying the going rate for Americans. Now it is lobbying for increases in the H-1B quotas.

The authority on this subject is Norman Matloff.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to my site. One correction, though: I don't deserve credit for the "catch" here; that would be Robert Oak and Ron Hira. I'm just spreading the word. Thanks, Paul McNamara, Network World.