Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sex is what women want

The New York Daily News reports:
Gone are the times when women became starry eyed if their lovers gifted them flowers, emotional cards or chocolates on Valentine's Day. A new poll suggests that ladies today prefer to move straight to the bedroom and forgo all the nuances of a mushy courtship.

More than 52 percent of American women said they wanted to have sex on the most romantic day of the year, according to a survey sponsered by a condom company.

While 45 percent were looking for a greeting card, 41 percent were hoping for flowers and a surprisingly low 30 percentcounting on chocolates. ...

The craving for some Valentine's Day action was highest among younger women, with 76 percent of those 18 to 34 saying they wanted sex, compared with just 24 percent of those older than 55, according to the poll, paid for by LifeStyles condoms.
We need more research done by condom makers.

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