Saturday, May 21, 2005

Readers against fatherphobia

Phyllis writes:
I've just had a chance to count the emails in response to my 4 columns on fathers:

258 - supportive -- mostly dads saying "you described my situation perfectly." Dozens of heartbreaking stories.
9 - hostile
6 - urging me to see both sides of the question because some dads are slobs.
1 - suggesting that my support of fathers is inconsistent with my support of homemakers -- from a bitter feminist who is still mad about my defeating ERA. Somehow it escapes some people that the role of fulltime homemaker is dependent on a husband-father to pay the bills. Unless you are a feminist who thinks the government should provide babysitting.

The above count contrasts sharply with the email response about my evolution column. Those emails were 95% against me.
Phyllis Schlafly is famous for advocating the rights and benefits of (female) homemakers, so there was the possibility that some people would be surprised or offended that she would also advocate an important role for fathers as well.

There is a truly evil anti-father system that has crept into our laws, courts, and govt agencies. Her columns on the subject explain it well. Something desperately needs to be done about it.

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