Saturday, January 11, 2003

The Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show had more gadgets bridging the gap between TV and computers. But I still don't see much that would be useful to me.

I'd like a small box for about $300 with:

  • audio-video inputs
  • audio-video outputs
  • hardware MPEG 1,2,4 encoder and decoder
  • 100Gb hard disk
  • firewire or USB2 access to hard disk
  • maybe a remote control for easier playback

This is similar to a Tivo or ReplayTV box, except that I really don't need the program guide, monthly service contract, tuner, set-top box controller, etc. I would like to easily plug the box into my PC to view a program on my PC, or to write a video recording to a CD-R or other medium, or transmit it on the internet.

I can get all of the above in a PC or Mac with a TV tuner card, but that is also overkill. I just want a simple appliance for recording digital video in a convenient and uncrippled manner.

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